Informed by psychology. Driven by data.

Educated in communication, interaction, and user experience design. I have worked for years as an in-house designer doing everything from web design to packaging to design ERP apps. I know the finer points of traditional print and new-age digital mediums.


Bachelor of Art in Graphic and Media Design with UX concentration from Southern New Hampshire University

Associate of Science in Multimedia and Interactive Technology from Skagit Valley College

Professional Certificate in User Experience Design from Colorado State University

Nanodegree in User Experience Design from Udacity

I am a firm believer that learning never stops and that we should always strive to know and understand more.

Design Methodology

Aesthetics are an important part of product design and UX can be an important part of visual communication. I seek to bridge the gap between the two disciples in my work. Especially with UX that is more than a job title but a framework of thinking applying many psychological principles.

Design is not art. It can produce beautiful artifacts sure but it is a function of utility. It has to be functional above all else, whether if that means clearly communicating a product for sale or navigating a bank app.

Yui Rose the cat explorer

Design Process

Cayla and her horse jumping

My approach to a UX problem and a visual communication problem is a little different respectively but still very much the same.


Find the problem to be solved. It's not always the obvious one.


Lots can be learned from the world around us. UX problems in particular require as much information from the user as possible.


Thumbnail sketches help me to brainstorm quickly.


Test early and test often.


Learn from feedback and improve the design based on it.

My Values


They say you aren't designing for you but for the person using the product or the audience viewing the communication artifact. Empathy is key but not only in design work. The world would be a better place if we understood each other's perspectives. We would still have conflict but less of it.


Nothing is gained by inefficiency. Today's world is full of waste and chaotic use of resources. This is a point when design philosophy ties into the real world. We can get abstracted losing focus on actual problems but through technology and thoughtful products we can improve.

πŸ“šContinued Learning

Lifelong learning is the remedy for musty, ineffective processes. Knowledge gathering and synthesis is not an ideal that stops when school is over but a lifelong quest. This is vitally important when you work in the ever-changing and evolving tech industry.


This ties into empathy regarding how we deal with the world around us. A thoughtful approach to design means taking the time to understand the user or audience and being considerate to produce the best artifact possible.

Fun Facts


I have ridden horses my whole life and used to compete in combined training.


I do 'cat exploring' and photo document it on Instagram


I have a soft spot for vintage sci-fi/horror from authors like: Algernon Blackwood, H.P. Lovecraft, and Robert Bloch.


Tried snowboarding once; discovered just how sore one's muscles could get. I prefer my winter next to a warm fire with hot coco.