Advertisements + Posters

Northwest Leaf Ads

December 2021

Composite of 3-d rendering and photos. The concept was to make a festive showcase of products being pushed for the month.

February 2021

Used ample white space to guide the eye and create a serene composition. Purpose was to advertise a IGTV mini-series featuring various artists.

March 2021

Showcase the product. Visual interest was created by the contrast of textured and flat elements. The model serves as an entry point to the composition.

June 2020

Introduction of new products using a tantalizing image and the tagline.

August 2021

The concept was to create a fun, summery spread with vibrant colors.

November 2021

The strategy was to show the benefit of the product. The tagline was accompanied by imagery that represented the effects of happy, high energy and a calm, relaxed state. The eye is led around the image in a smile pattern.

August 2021

My favorite one. Riffing off the strain name this ad was modeled after a 1950s sci-fi movie poster integrating product information seamlessly with the format.


Minimalist Poster Series

Allen Wrench


Space Queen

Jack Herer

Grape Ape

Galactic Glue

Purple Punch

Forum Cookies