Artizen Rebrand Case Study


  • Playful and fun refreshment of the brand

  • Realign assets that have evolved over the years

Background Artizen has been in the recreational cannabis game for 6 years now and over time organically evolved from the original visual identity. It was time to bring all the elements back together and refresh them at the same time. This project ended up stalling out in the company so I finished it as a personal exercise.


They wanted to keep the vibrant, color scheme has that had become so much a part of their brand. They where also interested in a Bauhaus look has well. Which ultimately didn't make it in.

There where three initial directions I considered going: color pop, 70s retro, and night life for something on the fringe.



The original logo, down by an unknown firm, and the typography where to be kept as the are already well known and well designed. Alternative versions of the logo have now been added.

The color scheme was refined and decided upon. The palette is meant to be fun and bold with a complimentary color scheme introduced.

Expanding on the color scheme I selected basic shapes to correspond to the three cannabis types. I made two variations: one based on brush lettering and one of Memphis art.



Taking the original jar and placing it in a box with a color and shape corresponding to what type it is: blue/square is indica, green/triangle is hybrid, and magenta/circle is sativa. The colors are interpretations of the industry standard color coding for plant types.

To keep with the variety employees will have either three options for business cards or a variety of each color with variable printing.

I was keen to make the merch options interesting as people are more inclined to wear them if they are interesting designs. The logo is featured on one set with the others based on the solid shapes, brush shapes, and Memphis patterns.